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Art ATTACKS Cancer

Things at our new location have been going wonderfully. We cannot speak highly enough about our artists for their ongoing support and the neighborhood for the warmest welcome. What better way to close out our first month in business than with an art fair! From April 21st to April 23rd we will be hosting Kids & Art along with 70+ local artists for a spring time art fair: Art ATTACKS Cancer.

Join us for an art fair to raise funds for The Kids & Art Foundation to provide materials and pay stipends to volunteer artists. The collection of locally made artwork for sale evokes feelings of strength, resistance, resilience, and hope through various media. 50% of proceeds from art sales will be donated to Kids & Art.

Friday, April 21, 6p.m. - 9p.m. VIP Preview and Party
(to view and purchase art before public access, please email us at

Saturday, April 22, 12p.m. - 7p.m.

Sunday, April 23, 12p.m. - 7p.m.
(free art workshops from 12-1p.m.)

The Kids & Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides Arts workshops to children with cancer and their care circles to improve their well-being during treatment, as survivors, and in bereavement. Kids & Art teams up professional artists with families facing pediatric cancer for free art workshops at treatment centers and unique destinations for creativity. Together they use art as healing to empower, encourage, and create memorable experiences.

Check our event page (HERE) for sneak peeks and updates!


Enlightenment Barbie: A closer look

Enlightenment Barbie
The Harmonious Coexistence of Supposed Opposites 
"Several years ago, I had a sudden, ecstatic enlightenment 'ZAP' while sitting outside, hungover at brunch.  The event caused an immediate shift - a radical realization that everything is divine - and has transformed me from the inside out. Fundamentally, I look at everything differently than I did before.  My artwork is about that transformation, that moment, and the idea of perpetual divinity.  It caused me to create these artworks, my own heavenly host of religious icons - each a unique shrine to the subtlety, grandiosity, and hilarity of the essence of reality.

These pieces are metaphors for the bizarre, discordant battles that wage in the subconscious - being so maniacally angry that you begin to laugh, or being so overwhelmed with the juiciness of life that you start to cry.  

Within each piece is a narrative of life and death, beauty in suffering, and humor in darkness.  Visually and symbolically, there is a push and pull between seemingly opposing forces.  A guarded, wounded saint shimmers in gold blood on hot-pink rocks;   a blissful guru sits smugly in the park, smirking as she releases an energetic spell;  a crucified female christ lifts her head in transcendence, bleeding gold and rainbows onto the fertile ground, where flowering mushroom gardens grow below her.  The sickly-sweet colors, cotton candy clouds and psychedelic rainbows bring an unusual balance to the underlying content of work - discomfort, frustration, and confusion exist -but, simultaneously, beauty, absurdity and silliness exist.  This is the full spectrum of opulence surrounding us in our human experience.  Seeing this first-hand has compelled me to share this fulfilling vision.

I begin my collages with my photographs of women, creating digital studies for each piece.  I comb through vintage illustrations and my own photographs of landscapes and architecture to find the perfect visual material.  Then, each Photoshop layer is printed out individually, hand cut, and layered onto panel together with complex layers of paper, gold foil, and rhinestones. A layer of UV resistant resin gives each original collage a luscious shine.  

'Enlightenment Barbie' is a name I use for both myself and my artwork.  It’s a cheeky joke about   the coexistence of beauty and intelligence, as well as the description of the quintessential Goddess - powerful, all knowing, and strikingly beautiful in appearance and intelligence. 

Since late 2014, I have been creating these artworks full-time (under the moniker 'Enlightenment Barbie') from my home and my studio in the Mission district.  With this devotion to my work, I have seen numerous sales, as well as incredible exhibition opportunities and projects - from StARTup Art Fair Los Angeles to Conception Art Fair Miami during Art Basel - to creating album art for up-and-coming musicians - to shipping artwork to collectors across the U.S. - to seeing an overwhelmingly supportive base of fans develop worldwide." -GK

Gillian Keller grew up in Montana and Washington State before embarking on an unusual, circuitous collegiate journey that eventually led her to graduate from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasizing in painting, mixed media drawing, and installation sculpture.  The majority of staff there thought she was a bit odd.  She moved to San Francisco the day after her college graduation in 2010.

Fun Fact about myself:  As a kid, I wanted to become a cartoonist, and frequently went hiking in dresses.  I've been lucid dreaming as long as I can remember, and have always had a mystical outlook on life.  Nowadays, I enjoy involuntary astral travel, neo-psychedelic rock, wine, and meditating in heels.


INSTAGRAM:  @enlightenmentbarbie




Wyrde originated as an Anglo-Saxon concept corresponding to fate or personal destiny; relating extraordinary character to supernatural causes. “Wyrde San Francisco” is an exploration of how “weird” is defined by place, and how place is defined by the characters drawn to keeping it wyrde.

Learn about the artists who are keeping San Francisco wyrde! "Wyrde San Fransisco" opens on July 8th and will be on view in the gallery and online until July 10th. 


Justine Kessler

            Justine Kessler is a San Francisco native who draws inspiration from local history, the occult, feminism, pop culture, and mythology. With a degree in art and psychology from the University of Vermont, Justine’s education and experience have lead her to exhibit her mixed-media taxidermy and illustration work around the Bay Area and throughout Vermont. She uses glitter to symbolize the fingerprints left by magic, and the energy that holds the universe together. Through taxidermy she gives critters once destined to be snake food new reality as creatures of fairy tales and myth.  In her illustrations, Justine uses reoccurring imagery of cats, skulls, crystals, and mythological creatures to create an imaginative world of charismatic and potentially dangerous characters. She lives in San Francisco with her charming cat.


Justin Beale

            Justin Beale was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended the Peck School of the Arts at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where he received his BFA in ceramics in 2012. After graduation he began working primarily in oils, flirting with glitter along the way. He draws influence from the Bay Area Funk Movement, Classical Renaissance, and the LGBTQ community. His work explores the space in between unknowns, the expressive and the sublime, reality and abstraction. He has exhibited at an international, national, and local level, and is currently residing and working in Alameda, California.


David Hunter

            David Hunter is a native Californian, he graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 1988 with a BFA in painting. He has been involved in the Mail Art Network since the early 80's. He resides and works in San Francisco.


Persia Phillips

            Persia Phillips was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and currently reside in San Francisco, where she is completing her BFA in Painting and Drawing at the San Francisco Art Institute. The power of two is a significant element in her work. Where one is perpetually isolated through either the means of language, intimacy and social constructs, two figures interlace into one. Through found and given imagery she purposefully paints people she has no connection with, challenging herself to achieve continuity with the subject matter at hand and with the substance of paint itself. Heavy emphasis is placed on manipulating the texture of paint, acting as a catalyst between abstraction and figuration.


Kate Jestin Taylor

            Kate Jestin Taylor is a New Jersey-born artist who relocated to San Francisco last year. Combining her interests of wildlife conservation, animal rights, and portraiture, Kate draws inspiration from the animals that inhabit the world with us and the relationship they have with humans. Kate graduated from Skidmore College in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in studio art. She lives in the Western Addition with her dog, cat, and boyfriend. 


Eddie Soto

            Eddie Soto is a New York native who recently relocated to San Francisco. Eddie started drawing mushrooms because he felt that they were always hiding in the dark. He wanted to give them life by drawing them human characteristics. All of the mushrooms he draws are named Gus. His primary medium is soft pastels and charcoal. He loves the color blue.