Welcome New Artist: Jun Yang!

By Ashley L. Voss

Welcome New Artist: Jun Yang!

Art Attack SF is happy to welcome, Jun Yang! His work is featured in the current February '18 Group Exhibition on view from February 1st - 25th, 2018.

Where does most of your creative inspiration come from?
A major inspiration for me has always been traveling to exciting new locations. In the past year I have seen works created by the Masters in Spain, and by the varying landscapes while traveling to different parts of the US. I love being able to stop and create pieces when something’s strikes me: at the beach, in a park, or even in a car while watching the mountains pass by. I feel it is important to keep learning and experience new things to inspire me.

I also draw inspiration from film, fashion, music, design, poetry, weather, and architecture. I’m more likely to draw from an accumulation of experiences over a long time, rather than an instant revelation. I’m also inspired living in the city of San Francisco. I feel so comfortable and protected living here being gay and an artist. I can grow to be strong as an artist in this amazing city!

Your mixed media paintings seem to be built-up from several layers of different styles and techniques. Are your works planned in advance or is your process more spontaneous? 
I usually layout a body of work before starting to paint. There are the rare exceptions when I create a series of intuitive abstract. When I create this type of series like "Abstract Obsession" I have to plan in advanced otherwise I will get lost in the process - and not in a good way - but sometimes I forget what I planned the day before and have to redirect the entire piece!

I tasted some bitterness during this process and have faced failures. I don't always create pieces that are following only intuition or the contemporary modern art movement. I just try to create pieces that are fun, and that excite me. In this piece I suffered and experienced hard times - which created the tension and complexity. It's not an easy process.

Abstract Obsession, in particular, has some graphic elements. Do you have a background in graphic design by chance?
I studied visual design and worked as a freelance graphic designer in Dublin, Ireland. Graphic design has a huge influence on my art. I love playing with the contrast and composition. My graphic design background taught me how to incorporate old and new, hard and soft, and definitely influenced my process of creating Abstract Obsession.

What is an average day like in the studio for you?
First I look through all the pieces that need more attention in order to be finished. Then I separate them by series. I also select types of pieces that I want to post on Instagram. I try to take high resolution photos when the sun is shining. After a photoshoot I edit the images I took, write captions, and choose hashtags for each image, and then I save them as a draft. I do this so I don't have worry or rush to upload images on a regular basis. I also clean up my work desk, and mop the floor so I can get ready to mess it up again. Doing this task psychologically loosens me up before having an intense studio session. It also give me extra time to think about what I really want to paint for that day.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio?
I think my paint brushes have become absolutely crucial tools so that my ideas and feelings becoming a form of art on canvas. It's like having a good lens for photographers. I've developed certain brush strokes that require me to use refined flat brushes, in order for me to create the sophisticated atmosphere close to what I imagine. Using fine brushes helps me fulfill my expectations by adding refined lines to connect each of the elements. Fine brush touches will absolutely change the quality of the painting. I've become obsessed and crazy about collecting expensive brushes, but it definitely shows the difference.


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