Past Exhibitions

Maker Thursdays: June Edition

 June 29th 6-10pm

Every month, on the last Thursday of every month to be exact, we select a group of 6-8 artists to join us here at the gallery to hand-make artwork on a small scale. Each artist will work in a different medium. Think a little bit of everything: origami, embroidery, sculpture, jewelry, paper-cutting, etc. There are a lot of mediums out there, so each month we will work to bring a different group of artists working in a variety of mediums to you! When the artist are done crafting their piece—the artwork will be for sale. Visitors of the event can purchase the piece directly from the artist during the event, the gallery will not be taking a commission on the sale.

Visit us on Facebook, for details and updates about June's group of talented local artists!


Artist Showcase: Sugabus Media

June 8th to June 26th.
Join us on June 23rd and meet the artists behind Sugabus Media from 6-9pm at the gallery!
See more from Sugabus here.

Summer Solstice Yoga: PopUpYogaSF @ Art Attack SF

June 20th from 6:30-7:30pm
Join us for a pop up class with PopUpYogaSF and celebrate the Summer Solstice by practicing yoga here at the gallery. All levels are welcome for this hour long vinyasa class. 

Windows For Harvey

Windows for Harvey includes artist participants as well as business owners who want to honor Harvey Milk and his legacy. Art Attack SF's window features a tribute piece by Elliott C. Nathan.  The piece will be on view now until May 31st 2017.

Click here for more information.


Art Attack SF Presents: Best In Show

A group show that pays tribute to our best buds from the animal kingdom.

Participating local artists include:

Alice Koswara, Chris Cerrato, Caitlin Peters, Norio Fujikawa, Zebulon Goodell, Carlo Fantin, Bruk Dunbar, fnnch, Molly Kars, Shane Izykowski, Peter Harris, Susan Brady, and Eric Broers to name a few. 

Dates: May 12th-May 31st


Make + Take Stencil Class with Jeremy Novy

Learn how to make your own stencils with artist Jeremy Novy.

Saturday, May 20th from 1-4pm
More info here.

Kids & Art's Spring time Art Fair:

Art Attacks Cancer

A collection of locally made artwork that evokes feelings of strength, confidence, resistance, resilience, and hope through various media.

The Kids & Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides Arts workshops to children with cancer and their care circles to improve their well-being during treatment, as survivors, and in bereavement.

Kids & Art teams up professional artists with families facing pediatric cancer for free art workshops at treatment centers and unique destinations for creativity. Together they use art as healing to empower, encourage, and create memorable experiences.

50% of the proceeds from art sales will be donated to The Kids & Art Foundation to provide materials and stipends for volunteer artists.

April 21st (6:00pm) to April 23rd @ Art Attack SF


Presented by Artist & Craftsman Supply SF:
WYRDE San Francisco  

Group show featuring artwork by 6 artists from the Artist & Craftsman Supply SF Store. Justine Kessler, Justin Beale, Kate Jestin Taylor, David Hunter, Persia Phillips and Eddie Soto.

Wyrde originated as an Anglo-Saxon concept corresponding to fate or personal destiny; relating extraordinary character to supernatural causes. “Wyrde San Francisco” is an exploration of how “weird” is defined by place, and how place is defined by the characters drawn to keeping it wyrde.

Show dates: July 8th - July 10th 

Opening reception on July 8th. 6pm to 9 pm

Guest Curated: FEM: An Art Show

Group show with works by three artists—Deanna Marsigliese, Eliza Ivanova, and Zaruhi Galstyan—who took on the challenge of illustrating the inspirational women of their lives, both past and present. This could mean family members, strangers on the road, cultural muses, and people who somehow resonated with the artist for good or for bad. We wanted to show a side of women in art that wasn't fueled by conventional beauty exclusively, but by their stories. Here we explore the fem perspective.

June 24th through June 26th
Opening Reception Friday, June 24th 6-10pm
All proceeds from live art went directly to Casa De Las Madres, which provides services for those being affected by domestic violence. Come help support art and those in need in our community! 

Art Attack SF Presents: No Heroes Allowed

Group show that celebrates those amazing comic book characters that are often seen outside of--or in opposition to--the limelight of our courageous heroes. These are the figures we see in the confines of the passenger seat or skulking down a dark alley way: the loyal sidekicks, half-witted henchmen and sinister villains. 
-June 3rd through June 19th
-Opening Reception June 3rd 6-10pm 
Artists Include:
Adam Widener, Alice Koswara, Bianca Nandzik, Caitlin Peters, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Geovanni Ramos, Hannah Rothstein, Happy D, Jason Cruz, Justine Kessler, Kate Jestin Taylor, Maria Motta, Nate Van Dyke, Nolan Encarnation, Norio Fujikawa, Sean Page, Sugabus, Turtle Wayne, and Zebulon Goodell

Art Attack SF Presents: Hello City 2016

Bay Area artists reimagine Sanrio’s character Hello Kitty, also known as Kitty White, for our Fourth Annual Hello City group show. This character, first introduced in Japan in 1974 and the US in 1976, has become an iconic image recognized worldwide; and we have an awesome group of local artists that give this cool cat some Northern California flair.
Artists include: Bluepencil, Bunny California, Caitlin Peters, Dan Akuna, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, EKKE Art, Eric Joyner, Genevieve Dy, Jian Wu, Jilliann Silva, Jocelyn Valentine Jones, Maral Mokri, Maria Motta, Norio Fujikawa, O.Truax, Theresa Muley, Turtle Wayne, Verona Chen, Yowli Hyun, and Zebulon Goodell
-March 4th through Tuesday, March 8th at Art Attack SF
-Opening reception March 4th from 6-10pm

Art Attack SF Presents:
The Empire Strikes Art Attack 

In honor of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Art Attack SF uses the power of the Force to fill the gallery from top to bottom with Star Wars-inspired work. The Empire Strikes Art Attack celebrates the entire saga, welcoming the images, landscapes, characters, and ideas from the iconic Star Wars Universe, to our galaxy right here in the Bay. 
-January 29th through February 1st at Art Attack SF
-Opening reception on January 29th from 6-10pm

Art Attack SF Presents: Exposed Foundations

A solo exhibition by local artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, on display from June 5th through July 5th. Beginning in early childhood, Dawline-Jane developed a fascination with house forms—boxy bases, triangular roofs, rectangles for doors, and four square windows ended up on any blank paper she could find. She imagined what kinds of people lived in the homes. Her kinship with the aesthetic and fantasy rather than technical math strayed her from pursuing architecture.

As an adult, foreboding recurrent dreams of limitless homes and boundless basements that felt both familiar and alien inspired Dawline-Jane to revisit house form in her artwork. While the dreams have since drifted to the ether, her portrayal of house form has established residence at the forefront of her collection.

Evolved Foundations explores the house as object, subject, and form, experimentally investigating the interplay of drawing, photography, and the 3-dimensional object.  
-June 5th through July 5, 2015 at Art Attack SF
-Opening Reception: June 5th from 6-9pm

Art Attack SF Presents: Hello City 2015

For our Third Annual group who are featuring the work of 18 local artists who we have asked to re-imagine Sanrio's character Kitty White, better known as Hello Kitty, in any artistic form they choose. You can expect to see a wide range of techniques and mediums used from this year's group; all of which place their own individual stamp on this time honored character. 
-March 6th through March 9, 2015 at Art Attack SF
-Opening Reception: March 6th from 6-10pm

Art Attack SF Presents:
Baker's Son: The American Dream

Keith Magruder—also known as the Baker’s Son—graduated from the California College of the Arts in 2008 with a focus on Illustration and currently splits time between his two studios located in Oakland and Los Angeles. Keith developed a strong connection to food at an early age, helping his mother and grandmother bake cakes, pies, and bread in the kitchen. He was able to experience the joy and happiness their baked goods brought to people. Through that experience, Keith realized baking can represent much more than what appears on the surface. In exploring the origins, costs, and transformational properties of ingredients, Keith’s artwork offers an artistic commentary on the socio-political aspects of food and the relationship that people and cultures around the world share with it.
-February 6th through March 1, 2015 at Art Attack SF
-Opening Reception: First Friday, February 6th from 6-9pm

Art Attack SF Presents:
Matthew Robertson: Rooms

"A great deal of my creative energy is focused on developing a visual language that uses both realism and abstraction to describe a subject.  Visually, these images explore the dissonance that arises when realism is paired with the abbreviation and exaggeration of form." Artist Statement, Matthew Robertson
-December 5th through January 5, 2015 at Art Attack SF
-Opening Reception: First Friday, December 5th 6-9pm

Art Attack SF Presents:
Observations of the Female Form

O.Truax, a local upcoming artist, presents his latest work “Observations of the Female Form” at Art Attack SF, on display November 7 through December 1, 2014. O.Truax fuses repurposed canvas with layers of textured acrylic paint to create works that express the beauty of the female figure both physically and symbolically. The paint is applied using a sharp putty knife, juxtaposing the softness of the overall image, but still perfectly depicting the inherent grace of the female form. Each layer is applied strategically to recreate the beauty of the figure and to reinforce the concepts of female power and strength. 
-November 7th through December 1, 2014 at Art Attack SF
-Opening Reception: First Friday, November 7th 6-9pm