Superstitions: A Duo Exhibition

Art Attack SF is proud to present “Superstitions,” a duo exhibition featuring 13 new works by Dianne Hoffman and Shane Izykowski on view July 11th - 29th, 2018. Each work is based on culturally diverse urban or folk customs that surround the prophecy of luck. Dianne’s uncanny depictions using assembled found objects are complimented by Shane’s unsettling narration of realistic characters in beautifully executed oil paintings. 

Join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, July 13th, 6-9pm and an Artist Talk on Sunday, July 22nd, 3-5pm. The show will also include interactive elements for viewers to physically engage with—playfully testing their own superstitious beliefs!

Historically, superstitions are cultivated to explain and control the unknown. Odd behaviors to dictate a favorable fate and good fortune are passed down from generation to generation. Trust in magic, chance and the supernatural keep these practices alive and permanently seeded in our subconscious. 

Today mythology and omens are overshadowed by technology and science. Yet few people can deny the practice of a favorite superstition. Join us for an experience of credulous reverence to Superstitions!